About Me.


THIS is me. 5 feet 4 inches of big dreams.

I’m the mother of a 5 year old (Ximena), who is my pride and joy.

Physical appearance: I have dreadlocks, 14 piercings (double tragus and industrial in left ear), (double anti-tragus and triple forward helix as well as 3 earlobe piercings on each ear), 2 tattoos; one left wrist (easily hidden) and the other on the outer arch of my right foot (easily hidden as well).


I’m honest, animated and goal-oriented. I am extremely passionate about the arts and activism. It identify as an inter-sectional feminist and activist for human rights and social justice.

I’m at one with music and as a result I spend majority of my day listening to it. I’m almost always smiling or laughing at something. I enjoy meeting new people and surround myself with positive people.

I dislike unnecessary negativity. As someone who suffers from depression, I don’t need your excessive negativity in my life.

Oh! And I swear a lot… as I said, I’m a passionate person. 😉


My all time favourite thing to do is travel, I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like but hopefully that would change sooner rather than later.

I’ve been natural all my life; my mom refused to let me straighten my hair and when I became an adult the urge to do so ceased to exist.

Anything else you want to know, feel free to message me. 🙂


One thought on “About Me.

  1. Dear Ronelle King,

    I am writing a dissertation on the Caribbean in regards to gender relations, what constitutes masculinity in the Caribbean and how this effects the relationship between man and woman.

    I study at King’s College London, and the movement you have inspired is momentous to say the least. I would love to hear more from you and gain a personal perspective of life as a woman in the Caribbean. If you have time to drop me an email, I would appreciate it very much.

    All the best, and keep up the great work.

    Nadine x


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